Subuta! My Gaulish name is Cunolugus Drugaisos and this site contains information about Gaulish Polytheism and Gaulish Druidism, as well as poems and invocations that I have written in Gaulish. Since I am not associated with any particular group currently, this site contains general information as well as how I apply it in my own tradition. Please look around and feel free to CONTACT ME.

Click image to view the homepage of Toutā Galation.

Toutā Galation is an organization dedicated to the Gaulish community. Their aim is “to support the growth of Gaulish polytheism by providing spaces and resources for individuals and organizations.” I am a Datla member and recommend any Gaulish Polytheists interested in Gaulish Polytheism to join. They are not a religious organization but rather a community where Gaulish Polytheists can gather together. They maintain the Discord Server Gaulchat.